Freeloader gave me their child carrier product to try. I have got to finally test it out with my toddler yesterday and today, here is what I think.

Freeloader Child Carrier Review

Basically, Freeloaders are used to haul your toddler around, if you are hiking, and walking all day somewhere, and your toddler is unable to walk, tired, and is complaining – what an amazing gift to those parents who like to hike and explore cities and nature spots! Finally a way to get your little child who is unable to handle so much walking with you.

I think the idea is excellent. I often see parents carrying their toddlers and small children around places, I have always dreamed of having a great carrier like this one to help me out. I love to walk everywhere, and now that I have children, this has been one thing that has been keeping me from being able to walk more. I usually use a stroller for my toddler, and my older kids are so old now that they are able to walk on their own, however, we still struggle with long distances with them as they just don’t have the patience or stamina to handle that kind of type of exercise.

I got my Freeloader, and I am honestly amazed with the technology of it all. It is literally a seat that your child gets at the back of you, and gets to sit and look around. I had to enlist my husband to help me out putting it on. The instructions show putting the child while you crouch down low to the ground, but we also put our toddler in the seat while I was standing up. I buckled the belts of the carrier on me, and a lot of the weight was carried by the belt, distributing it throughout the body, and not just keeping it on the shoulders. Even though it made it easier to carry a toddler, I have to say the weight was still substantial for me, and I don’t think I personally would be able to carry my daughter on a long hike with this carrier.

Freeloader Child Carrier Review

I think this is a very much suitable carrier for a smaller toddler who has already grown out of a baby carrier, but is still light enough to be carried on the body. I think for me, if I were to carry my toddler all day in the city, I would simply be just dead of exhaustion. Maybe I am severely out of shape, but it is quite a lot to carry, so just wanted to describe what I feel about it. It is definitely an excellent option for a stronger parent.

Freeloader Child Carrier Review

What I liked about it was how easy and intuitive the carrier really is to use. There are a lot of straps on it, but they are all important and functional to have, and not that intimidating to use when you are actually putting it on.

So many times when we traveled when our older children were little they would get upset from too much walking, and we would have no solution for them. Now a Freeloader child carrier offers that solution to families – love this product! Get it here –

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