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Well, there goes our summer. Fall is in full swing here, and we have just recovered from our first cold as a family – pretty much everyone got sick. First a cold, then the flue will knock at our door. Maybe not, if we are prepared.

How do you Prepare for flu season?

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We get immunized to avoid the flu every year

We started doing flu shots many years ago when our children were little. While we still get colds here and there every year, we know we are protected from the flu, and we have actually never had a really bad case of flu in our family. Sometimes we still get a bit under the weather in the winter, but nothing like in the past when we ourselves were little. Now we have the confidence that the flu shots will either protect us from the flu completely, or will only give us a very mild case of illness if we were still to get it despite the immunization.

How do you Prepare for flu season?

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How do you prepare for the flu season?

Do you have a plan? Are you going to go and get immunized? It is so important to remember that flu shots are available every year, and they are going to protect your health, everyone in your family from flu.

How do you Prepare for flu season?

Facts about the flu

There are so many facts about the flu that everyone needs to know. Here are a few facts:

  • Every year up to 1 in 5 people gets the flu in the US
  • Even healthy people get hospitalized and die every year from the flu
  • More than 300,000 people were hospitalized with flu-related complications in 2015-16 flu season
How do you Prepare for flu season?

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Are you ready to get immunized? Flu immunizations are available at Sam’s Club(find a club) – be sure to get your flu shot soon!

How do you Prepare for flu season?

We are going to get our shots in a couple of weeks. However, after the last bout of colds that we have had, we don’t want to wait until we get sick again. We went shopping at Sam’s Club to get some supplies to be sure that we are ready for the next cold when it comes. Sometimes when our family gets sick, everyone gets sick all at once, and we literally cannot leave the house, for a few days. After this shopping trip we got all of the essentials –

How do you Prepare for flu season?

  • saline solution for the nose
  • tissues to have on hand
  • headache medication
  • chicken soup for the soul
  • lemon tea to soothe the throat and get a boost of Vitamin C

What are your cold and flu essentials? Share your tips on how to stay comfortable with a cold.

How do you Prepare for flu season?

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