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I have a few favorite performers that I admire, connect with, and could listen to at any time. Kelly Clarkson is one of my all-time favorites. I remember her from many years ago when she competed on TV, and won, and it is admiring to see her excel again at her new album, and really impress us all. Kelly Clarkson has a new album out called “Meaning of Life”, and it is a stunning masterpiece of her modern talent.

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It is always impressive to see when favorite performers stay in limelight for longer than a few months. Sometimes there are artists who shine with a few songs, and then disappear, but how lucky are we when we can witness a talent that is developing and continuing to be successful with new music!

I have always been fascinated by talented singers, and while there are so many talents out there, some really stand out, and shape our reality almost. That’s when a year is remembered by the hit songs that become so popular you will never ever forget them. That’s also when your favorite performer creates something special that defines the time that they are living in. Music and songs have that power to connect us with the time moment, and leave that imprint in our minds.

Kelly Clarkson managed to achieve that in her masterful singing and performance for her new album. I am so amazed to see how her music is perfectly in tune with the latest music trends. It is a talent to be a performer, but it is a greater talent to provide the type of music that everyone will sense and feel. It is almost like Kelly created music that is exactly what everyone has been waiting for to be released. As a performer, she really feels the music world, what wave length it is operating on at this very moment, and she creates music that has that perfect tune and mood, something we have all been wishing to hear.

Love So Soft has such a catchy melody and words, you can’t help but admire it! I loved this song, and the music video is simply gorgeous! I was listening to the album at home, enjoying it, and my children came from school, and couldn’t believe what I was listening to. They said, “this is trending on right now, how did you get this”? Teens now have a fun entertainment where they mouth out a song and do little videos of themselves pretending singing to popular trending tunes. I can see what all of the excitement is all about, if you haven’t heard this song yet, you will have to listen! It is incredible!

I love the confidence of Kelly Clarkson, and the great positive attitude that she brings with her songs. I have always been sure that people should be and feel comfortable in their own body, and shouldn’t have to endure other people body shaming them. Body shaming is not a new phenomenon, but only now it is called “bullying” or “trolling” for what it is, and we as a society are starting to re-evaluate that evaluating and humiliating people based on their weight is simply inappropriate. I love the humor, and the assured in herself attitude that Kelly Clarkson takes when she performs the song “Whole Lotta Woman”. I sympathize and understand where she is coming from, and hope that she can give courage to more people who don’t fit into some made-up beauty standards to speak up for themselves, and to have that confidence.

You can find Kelly Clarkson’s new album here

Kelly’s new album made me start thinking about the Meaning of Life for me today – I am turning 40 today, and I guess this is the time when I kind of need to sit down and rethink whether I am going the right way in life, whether I have reached any milestones, and achieved any goals. As children, and teenagers, we were encouraged to set goals, and follow our dreams. Now, at 40, looking back, it is hard to overanalyze what I did and how I lived all of these years. I am sure at some point there has been lots of frustration and disappointment. I am sure I haven’t reached the goals that I have set for my lifetime. I thought I was an overachiever when I got my Honors Degree. I tried full-time job, while caring for children, and continuing post-grad studies. Then there was a moment when I said I have to rethink. I concentrated more on my family, because I thought it was more important.

Have You Heard What Kelly Clarkson Has Been Up To? Check Out Details on Her New Album

I am glad and happy where I am at at this time. Ultimately, it’s the family that is the point of our existence, our children. That’s what life is all about, that’s what it revolves around. We have to create their present, help them build their own future, and provide them with comfort when they need it.

Have You Heard What Kelly Clarkson Has Been Up To? Check Out Details on Her New Album

What is on your mind when you think about the Meaning of Life? What has been your most favorite song in Kelly Clarkson’s album?



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