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This week my toddler and I are feeling a little under the weather. Despite the fact that we have had our flu shot, some sort of a cold bug got us a bit and we are sneezing and coughing right now. I hope this cold will pass, and we’ll feel better again.

Clear Your Nose With Nasopure Nasal Wash - Most Comfortable Nose Wash in the World

I wondered if it might help to keep our nasal cavities cleaner as the first line of defense. After doing some research, I came across Dr. Hana’s Nasopure nasal wash, which is an 8 oz wash bottle with 4 packets of saline solution. It is perfectly designed to clean out your nasal passages. Each of the 4 saline solution packets is 3.75 grams, which is enough to clean out 1 nasal cavity. The actual cleaning of the nasal passage is quite easy and it seems to live up to its claim of being the “most comfortable nose wash in the world”. It was more challenging to clean my toddler’s nose I must admit, but she has become quite used to it after a few times.

Clear Your Nose With Nasopure Nasal Wash - Most Comfortable Nose Wash in the World

I was a little skeptical that simply keeping clean nasal cavities could help prevent allergies, cold, flu, sinusitis, and rhinitis, and I haven’t been using it enough to make any claims, but research has shown that keeping your nasal passages clean is a great way to keep your nose clean without using any medications. It helps you breathe more easily, and it is nice that it is all natural. I can imagine that we breathe in air from the environment thousands of times a day and who knows what clings to our nasal cavity. It just makes sense to me that cleaning out the nasal cavity daily will lead to fewer pollutants entering our body. It seems to be a natural way to help the nose do one of its important jobs, which is to filter out contaminants.

Clear Your Nose With Nasopure Nasal Wash - Most Comfortable Nose Wash in the World

Since we have been using it, I’ve found that both myself and my toddler breathe more easily despite our colds, and it feels so good to clean out our nasal cavity and start fresh everyday. It is a good natural way to help our nose in its important job of filtering out pollutants and potential viruses and bacteria that could make us sick. The fact that it is so easy and comfortable to use is a real bonus for us. I highly recommend this as a natural way to keep your nose clean.

I have received a few sampler kits and also a book “Clearing The Air” by Hana R. Solomon. Dr. Solomon is the creator of Nasopure, and has shared a wealth of information on how to take care of our nose in her book. As a life-long sufferer from various colds, allergies, and ailments related to my sinuses and ears, I thought I knew quite enough about how to take care daily of my sinuses, and how to explain what is happening when I feel uncomfortable. Yet there have always been some unanswered questions even for me. This book has taught me a lot about what others experience, and how it is possible to feel better whenever there is any discomfort that occurs – what a great way to find explanations to my usually unanswered questions, and how to deal with those pesky sinus issues.

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Clear Your Nose With Nasopure Nasal Wash - Most Comfortable Nose Wash in the World

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