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Awesome wooden case from SHOWKOO

Have you ever heard about natural real wood phone case with 1 mm thickness? I looked long and hard for something unique. Recently I just got such a slim wooden case with metal bumper for my iPhone X, case made by SHOWKOO company.

Amazing case. I was pleasantly surprised! Even the packaging is high quality. I would highly recommend this case. I have to say I was impressed with design of ingenious combination of wood and metal. It is both beautiful and protective. Thin but protective, stylish but protective, and quality but protective!!! Total classic!

The wood is seamlessly integrated into the rubberized bumper guard, and it looks great! It is super slim and matches my iPhone X very well. The slim fit is way better ( it fits in my pocket) than carrying a humongous Otter box….

It is simple but different. The case back feels like wood grain, because it is. The “wood” seamlessly joins the carbon fiber inner layer, so I cannot imagine it can actually be real wood. I think it might be some wood texture but at least it looks real. I love the natural look and feel. The unique wood texture looks luxurious and classy.

It is very comfortable in my hand. Feels solid in my hands and has a good grip to it. The metal bumper adds some protection for the phone, but I did not think it could protect from drop until I dropped it a few times and my iPhone X is still in good condition. It protected my phone well on all sides and the case is really durable. Just as good as defender but at a fraction of the price! I also bought a tempered glass screen protector to have added protection.

Awesome wooden case from SHOWKOO

I also enjoyed assembling the phone cover with a mini screwdriver and screws attached, just an awesome small DIY project. It is very interesting to install the 3 parts step by step following the instructions by myself, so simply anyone can do it. It is good fun to do some manual work for your iPhone, practice your fine manipulation skills, and I felt the satisfaction as if I have completed a major project.

Good feel on the corners and buttons when pressed. The phone fits great and snaps in place, no wiggle room. Buttons are easy to access, the cutouts for the buttons and plugs are precise and fit the phone exactly as it should. And it works great with my magnetic mount in my car and allows for wireless charging.

This case is awesome! This is my daily case…My new favorite case, hands down the best case I have ever gotten. If I ever get another phone, I’m going to get another one of these cases for it. Can’t beat the price to quality ratio!

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