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This week as we celebrated Thanksgiving, the season of gifting began in our family when we got a new wooden toy kitchen set for my toddler made by Playtime by Eimmie brand. We were sent a sample by this company, and my daughter got to experience playing with it with her dolls – available at

We have an older toy kitchen set that is plastic and came pre-assembled years ago when we bought it for our older kids. It didn’t really come with anything, so we needed to get separate play food and toy kitchen appliances, toy dishes sets, kitchen toys to be able to use with the kitchen.

Playtime by Eimmie 18 Inch Doll Wooden Toy Kitchen Set with Refrigerator and Accessories

This wooden toy kitchen set by Playtime by Eimmie brand is totally different. The toy kitchen set came in parts when we got it, and we got a bit scared for a moment that we would need to put it together and that would take hours to complete, and probably half of the pieces would break in the process – I guess we have had bad experiences with other brands in the past. We were glad to have been wrong about this wooden toy kitchen set, it was so easy to put together, spent maybe about 1 hour or so, and it was a fun project to practice our engineering skills and crafting abilities.

The wooden toy kitchen came out perfectly, and what an amazing and incredible set this is overall! So many additional accessories, kitchen tools and food items supplied to play with. My toddler can’t stop playing with it, it is so fun and exciting for her. I think this is possible the best toy kitchen, even the best wooden play kitchen 2017!

I think one of the best things is how colorful this wooden toy kitchen is. It has all of the baking supplies and ingredients, including a cake that is cut into pieces, and awesome trays to serve the cake on.

Playtime by Eimmie 18 Inch Doll Wooden Toy Kitchen Set with Refrigerator and Accessories

Love that food can be stored in a play fridge, so we can teach our toddler about what can be kept out on the kitchen counter, and what needs to be refrigerated.

This is really the best toy kitchen gift to get for your kid for the coming holidays. These kitchen set toys are to be played with 18 inch dolls that your child probably already has, so this creates incredible playtime opportunities.

Here is a list of what is supplied in the kitchen toys set – a stove, an oven, several cupboards and a drawer, a kitchen with a sink and a counter, a refrigerator, a shelf and 5 hooks. As far as accessories, here is what is included: 2┬áblank canisters and 4 labelled canisters (cookies, coffee, flour, and sugar), salt and pepper shakers, a pink storage rack with 4 bottles, 3 cartons, 3 food boxes, 1 bottle of olive oil, a toaster with toast, 4 large and 3 small utensils, 3 plates, 1 pan and 2 pots, 3 bowls, 2 pet food dishes, a rolling pin, a cloth pot holder, a blender, a coffee maker, a sliced cake and tray, sliced brownies and tray, 4 cupcakes with tray, 3 cookies with tray, 6 eggs with carton, 3 pieces of fruit with plate, 2 ingredient boxes, a pink trash can, a butter dish with butter, a loaf of bread, and a wooden bar stool.

Playtime by Eimmie 18 Inch Doll Wooden Toy Kitchen Set with Refrigerator and Accessories

The dolls are not included in the set, nor are any animal toys, but this is so perfect for playing with the dolls that my toddler already has! This wooden toy kitchen set is perfect to play with American Girl dolls as an example, and it can be used to play with little animal pet toys as so many dog accessories are already supplied. It is hard to find such a huge set where you get a kitchen, and all of the little cooking toys that you would need to make engaging imaginative play scenes for your child. I have never seen toy sets that come even close to this one is regular stores. I am glad this set is available online on Amazon, hope you get to check it out if you are looking for a great new toy for your kids!

One warning – this set does include some little tiny toys, so I would say it is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Make sure to instruct your children that nothing in this set is edible.

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