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Do your kids sometimes go on sleepovers? I think that you need to get them a Manhattan Toy Travel Comfort Snuggle Bear Plush from Plushible! There is no better travel pillow they could find! This bear is so super cuddly, and can be rolled into a pillow when needed!

My daughters sometimes go to sleepovers with their friends. They bring a sleeping bag and a plain little pillow to use. I find the pillow to be particularly boring for a little girl to bring over. I think having this comfort Plush bear is simply a must have – it can keep your child happy even while away from home from their usual bed.

If your child likes to cuddle with soft toys in the bed, this is absolutely the best and softest toy that can be. It is also perfect for long car trips, or for naps in the afternoon.

Manhattan Toy Travel Comfort Snuggle Bear Plush

I have received this early Christmas gift from Manhattan Toy Company, and what an amazing bear this is to have! My toddler daughter certainly felt like early Christmas this week, and I think her older sister was a bit jealous. My middle daughter has always wanted to have a cuddly toy like this Manhattan Toy Travel Comfort Snuggle Bear, when she was younger and even now. Only I didn’t know these toys existed! I have never seen them in stores. I am so glad now we can go online shopping, and get all of these toys – and get our kids to play with them, and they are so affordable!

If you are looking for a great toy that can also function as a travel companion, you have to get this plush bear! The fabric that this bear is made of is so soft, I cannot quite explain it with words, you have to touch it to know! Perfect fabric for snuggling with!

Manhattan Toy Travel Comfort Snuggle Bear Plush

I love how this toy is foldable, so if you want to store it on a shelf, all you need to do is roll it up, fasten it with a nifty tie, and you are set! This is a very high quality and safe toy to play with, you can’t really find anything else this cute, at least I haven’t see it.

Manhattan Toy Travel Comfort Snuggle Bear Plush

There are so many other snuggly toys that Manhattan Toy company offers, they are all exclusive, original product designs that are time-tested, and inspire imaginative play in children. I am glad we got to see the quality of this toy, I know we will be back for more from them this season! You can find this toy here – I hope you get this for your kids, I frankly have not see such durable multi-functional and cuddly toys all in one in a long time, can’t go wrong with this one – find it here –

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