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I have had the privilege now to have talked with Michael Leip, the creator of the Panda Planner, and got the energy from him about his amazing and outstanding planner! I cannot wait to tell you about this new Panda Planner that can help you get organized and have a good, productive mood for the whole day!

Michael has been through a lot, and found the biggest struggle in staying focused, productive and positive. He suffered from traumatic concussions, and Lyme disease that left him unable to get through his daily tasks, and depressed. This is when he created a journal for himself where he put down motivational quotes and support phrases, planning each daily activity, reflecting on what has been accomplished, and looking forward to more to achieve the next day. This journaling helped Michael to turn around his depressed outlook on life, and helped him stay focused, and achieve great results every day while staying positive about the daily accomplishments. That is when the Panda Planner was born. Starting from the first Panda Planner that became a planner best-seller, now there is an improved version of the Panda Planner available that allows to create an even better daily activity planning.

I think this daily planner is one of the best ones I have seen in a long while. I struggle with finding the right planner for myself, and most of the time I end up printing out pretty free printables I find online, but they are not bound together, so I end up losing everything, and not being able to actually follow through with my goals and hopes. I have written positive quotes and statements before in notebooks, and now I mostly do it on my social media accounts, but writing them into a planner format would be such an awesome idea.

Have you Heard of Panda Planner? This Planner Will Help you Get Organized And Have a Positively Great Day

I love setting up goals for myself, often daily goals, but I think I lack the positive attitude. I like to beat myself down if I don’t reach my goals, but I don’t have that natural inclination of supporting myself along the way as I go through my daily tasks. This is unfortunate, and I think I need some outside help in a form of a Panda Planner.

I love how Panda Planner is structured with the first morning activity of reflection and positive thoughts about what I am grateful for to start my day with. It is so refreshing to actually be able to sit down and come up with positive statements to pat yourself on the back, giving yourself that boost of happiness and good start for the day.

Have you Heard of Panda Planner? This Planner Will Help you Get Organized And Have a Positively Great Day

With Panda Planner you can set priorities for the day, and create a 30 minute interval daily plan – what you are planning to do during the day. Sometimes when I am just at home, it is so easy to waste time, and not be productive, whereas if there is a specific plan scheduled, even if you are just planning to spend time with your kids relaxing, it makes it easier to go through the daily activities and tasks.

Have you Heard of Panda Planner? This Planner Will Help you Get Organized And Have a Positively Great Day

At the end of the day Panda Planner allows to reflect on what worked and what did not work, and how things can be improved for the next time. This Planner is also great for future planning where we can set up tasks and goals for the next week, and have a clear idea what to focus on.

I am never satisfied with the planners that I see in stores. They look outdated, and so serious. There is nothing motivational about them, nothing modern. I continue my search for the perfect planner in hopes that I can find a book that I can use as a positive assistant that is contemporary, and understands my needs. I like whimsical fonts and cool lines. I need support and assurance even from a simple organizational tool. If I don’t get that from a planner, the inevitable thing happens, and I simply stop using it.

With Panda Planners I have found what I was looking for. I can trust Michael with his ingenious Panda Planner to help me get through my day with my head down working away, but not wasting away my emotional self worrying and not able to catch up with tasks or feeling sorry for myself, and not accomplishing anything in the end. When I feel sad that I haven’t accomplished my goals I sulk, but the funny thing is that most of the days I don’t even have any particular goals, I just like to beat myself down that I haven’t done quite enough.

Have you Heard of Panda Planner? This Planner Will Help you Get Organized And Have a Positively Great Day

I am confident that Panda Planner is the solution. As Panda Planner has become the best-selling planner on Amazon with over 150,000 units sold since its launch 2 years ago, I know that this is the kind of a product that so many people have trusted now, and that can provide me that peace of mind that I need to stay happy and organized.

Check out their new video to see how Panda Planner’s science-backed system can help you make moves on a happier, more meaningful life.

Please, let me know in your comments what types of features you are looking for in a planner, and what types of planners are your favorites!

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