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I have been reminiscing about my own Christmas celebrations when I was a child. I have been wondering what I can do to bring in more of a Holiday Spirit in our lives, and I have found Portable North Pole that is helping me to bring in the Merry this season, and a magic way to celebrate Christmas! Read on to find out about my childhood, and this wonderful modern experience we have today.

I grew up in the Soviet Union and we mostly didn’t celebrate Christmas. We had a secular holiday of the New Year’s Day, and we had our own version of Santa Claus – he was called Ded Moroz. Back in the 80s in my childhood we used to go to the so-called Yelka (Christmas tree) parties where they would set up a theatrical performance with Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka, and get children going in circles and dancing, sometimes giving out candy and mandarin oranges in the end. This was fun and exciting, but not every performance was a success just because the venues were prepared last minute, the crew often had low energy, or the microphones were not working, so you would just not hear anything for about 45 minutes. As I was a very shy child, this was both strangely exciting and torturous. Sometimes my parents would take me to this, and I was the tallest child aged 12 among primarily all 6 year olds, sometimes I was just too shy and tired to participate while holding on to my bulky coat I had nowhere to put.

One year though my parents invited an actual Ded Moroz to come to our house to congratulate me with the holiday. I think I was about 6 years old at the time, and this was one of the most memorable moments for me. The guy came in, dressed as Ded Moroz in a red coat and with a white beard, and then we talked with him, I remember he asked me a few questions, and even asked me to recite a poem for him, which was I guess a custom to ask little 6 year olds at the time (I am glad I knew a poem to tell!). I loved getting a little box of treats at the end, and the whole experience almost seemed surreal. I think my parents noticed how much I loved it, and they set up something similar for my brother, except that time it was my father who dressed up, and got to chat with him, and entertain as a real Ded Moroz coming to visit.

I know that nowadays our lives have changed in so many ways. As I now live in North America, I look at those times in my childhood and think how innocent and unprofessional a lot of those attempts to entertain children were. It seemed like a lot of it was done so haphazardly. Even though most of the time it was professional entertainers who would be involved in setting up these Yelka outings and these Ded Moroz appearances, it was never done professionally. You would never really feel like a magic moment as a child, however, it was very nice to get a surprise visit of Ded Moroz, and that was probably the best part of it.

I know that here in North America there are ways to meet with Santa at the Mall, and we have done that a couple of times with the kids, but my family is always so impatient to be able to stand in a line for more than 30 minutes, to then get about 1 minute or two to go on Santa’s lap and then needing to pay an exorbitant amount for those few pictures that they will take for you while you are holding your own camera the whole time any way. We usually avoid those, and my toddler is so shy anyway. I am not sure if she is going to be sad or happy to meet Santa, and we’ll probably end up with one of those cute crying pictures.

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Nowadays there are so many things that have changed in our way of life and around us. While we still take our children to different shows, concerts and theater during the Christmas break, I have been looking to create that surprise magic moment for them, that is professionally done, and looks and feels like you are really communicating with Santa. This sparkle of the holiday season, this joy of meeting Santa, and a creative touch was what I found in Portable North Pole service that provides that magic moment for children to experience Santa coming to their own house, and having it done so perfectly, and in a modern way.

I find that Portable North Pole is a completely different experience that we can enjoy out of the comfort of our home, without worrying about our children being anxious or uncomfortable in any way.

Santa Homepage for Portable North Pole

The beauty of Portable North Pole service is that you get to create your own custom-made personalized message from Santa delivered to you straight from the enchanting North Pole village. It is possible to watch the message either on a tablet or a computer, whatever works for you. In the video children get to see real-life Santa’s home, his elves working, and his magical reindeer.

The way the personalized message works, you can actually use your child’s name in the video, so it feels that the message is directed just for your child. Santa will greet your child by name, and even shows their picture. This is what definitely adds to that magical moment. I love the end result video that includes Santa Claus addressing my own child, and capturing our attention by revealing whether she is on the “naughty” or “nice” list for this year.

I think the magic of Christmas should be available to anyone, and it is with Portable North Pole, as they have FREE video experiences that create magic for every child. There are also FREE options available for groups of kids, like childcare centers or preschools. In total, there are 4 customizable and unique FREE videos to choose from.

Custom Video of Santa in the Sleigh

There are also options available where the message from Santa is provided in a premium option just for $4.99, and then there are Video Passes and Magic Passes available as well that allow to enjoy the season with unlimited premium videos and even calls with the Magic Pass, that also even includes 5 weekly bedtime videos read by Santa leading up to the big day. How cool is that? Amazing that these two latter passes also include a reaction recorder for their mobile version, so you can catch your child’s excitement forever. Isn’t that incredible that all of this has been created for us? The quality of the video production is excellent. The elves are funny and engaging, and Santa Claus brings in that holiday spirit!

I love that there is also a special mobile app by Portable North Pole that can get my toddler get in the holiday spirit even in the car or while waiting. Who wouldn’t want to play with make believe shaking ornaments off the tree or talk with Santa’s reindeer?

I have teamed up with Portable North Pole to collaborate on this post, and they have been gracious enough to provide a 20% discount off their premium packages for my readers:

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Hope that you take advantage of one of these offers, and create a special moment for your kids this holiday season! Please, let me know in your comments how you are meeting Santa this year, and what your plans are for the next few days before Christmas! What is your magic way to celebrate Christmas?



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