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Phew! Today was a day full of gifts and showering kids with presents – I think they have been super happy all day about all of the new toys and games they have got, as well as a few necessary items for them. One of the best gifts that we got for our toddler that is also super useful, and not just an entertainment toy, is an Evenflo stroller that we have already tested out attending a few winter festivities in our local area two days ago.

We don’t tend to buy a lot of things when we know that we already have an item. We tend to stick to the idea that if something isn’t broken, we will continue using it, periodically cleaning it up, and fixing it if necessary, until it is completely unusable and impossible to fix any more. This is the story of our old stroller. It’s a hand-me-down that our toddler got from her older sister, and by now it is honestly a mess. The rollers get constantly stuck, and I have to literally lift the stroller out of potholes twenty times on one short road because the rollers just don’t want to budge. The whole ride is pretty bumpy for the toddler, I would imagine, and it just pained me to see this, and have to keep using this old stroller anyway. This old stroller was a very good brand that we acquired in Canada, and it cost us so much money, I don’t think in the end it was that worth it. Yes, the stroller did not fall apart, and we kept using it for this second baby, but honestly it has lived through its better days a long time ago. It was time to change it, and knowing how much I had to pay for it in the first place, I was always scared to even think about investing into a new stroller, not knowing how long we would need it for any more. Our toddler can walk well, but long walking trips around town or even at the mall are a stress for her, and the only way it works for her for now is when she can relax in a comfortable stroller sitting down.

Winter Festivities With a Comfortable Evenflo stroller

I was so amazed by the line of products that Evenflo carries! It was such a pleasure to pick a travel system for my present toddler knowing that she will enjoy using it for many more months, staying so comfortable in it. The price was one of the first things that I have noticed that stunned me – I cannot believe strollers are so affordable nowadays from this company. 10+ years ago, when we were buying our latest stroller, the pricing for strollers like Evenflo was completely out of our price range, and we couldn’t even consider getting anything this gorgeous looking and comfortable. Now things have changed so much, and the technology of these strollers is incredibly affordable and worth the investment – for the price of one stroller you get both a stroller and a new car seat for a baby.

If you are just picking out your strollers for the first time for a new baby, I think this is an incredible investment. I don’t think those strollers even existed many years ago when we were shopping for our older daughter who is now 12 years old. I would have jumped at the opportunity to get a travel system that serves both as a car seat for a baby, and a stroller. This stroller has many different settings where you can choose which way the baby is facing – whether looking out and learning about the surroundings, or is able to look at you for comfort while you are pushing the stroller. I have never had this opportunity before, we would always be essentially stuck with only one setting, and couldn’t choose any other option.

You are probably familiar with these models, but essentially a travel system is when you get a full car seat for an infant that you can then remove safely from the car, and secure on the stroller. It makes it so much easier with an infant when the baby is asleep and you need to go about your routine tasks, and are really not looking forward to waking that baby up. We have generally used baby carriers a lot when our babies were little, but those carriers tire you out so much, and the baby would always wake up when you would be transferring from the car seat to the carrier – now this travel system makes it so easy to keep babies asleep longer.

The stroller system that we picked is called Pivot by Evenflo, and it has a great number of advantages and features, in addition to the ones that I have already mentioned. These types of important accessories and devices like strollers often intimidate me, but it was so simple to put this stroller together. It looks and feels very safe, so simple to fold and unfold. I always carry around a huge diaper bag, and it fits just perfectly on the spacious and sturdy storage basket under the stroller.

Winter Festivities With a Comfortable Evenflo stroller

The cruiser tires on the stroller maneuver and swerve very easily, the stroller feels like it is gliding on the ground, such a difference between this and my old model. There is also a beautiful canopy that allows the stroller to transform into a full pram, and can protect your child well from the elements. I highly recommend the stroller, whether you are looking for something that is suitable for an infant, or would like to accommodate your older child if your old stroller is no longer available. Incredible how one product can serve so many uses, and that can be used for many years for both babies and toddlers.

Winter Festivities With a Comfortable Evenflo stroller

It was such a joy to enjoy winter events using Evenflo stroller for my toddler, and being able to walk outside for a long time, shopping, and doing our typical winter festivities. We took some pictures near a Christmas tree, went on a merry-go-round, had lunch in a new restaurant in the area, and bought a few new books to read this week. I cannot believe our outing went so smoothly without any meltdowns, and every child seemed happy. I was able to push the stroller by myself without having to nag everyone else every 15 minutes to push for me because I was too tired, my toddler was excited with her new vehicle, and was soothed by a smooth ride, and the rest of the family kept calm and happy the whole time! This is maybe not the first calm day for us, but definitely a more or less rare event when everyone in the family seemed satisfied and not complaining about something. Hooray to Evenflo for making our day so memorable and here’s for many more days like that!

Wishing you joyful holidays as well, and hoping you have had a great celebration with your family! What have you been celebrating this season? Any memorable outings that you have taken or are planning on this week?

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