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With a whole lot of different holidays coming and going a sort of a gloomy mood is settling in here a little bit. The weather is not particularly exciting, mostly raining, and cold here, so I haven’t been feeling the best lately, and thought about cheering myself up and starting planning for the next coming holidays and celebrations. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it will be exciting to set something up to cheer up in the middle of winter.

I have created a list of things to do this Valentine’s Day, and they don’t necessarily need to be over the top or extremely expensive. There are many different ways to celebrate it, and I have picked out a few ideas what a busy family might like.

Valentine's Day Roses will be the best gift option

Valentine’s Day Roses will be the best gift option

It may sound ubiquitous and too unoriginal, but nobody has cancelled flowers as the best gift for the Valentine’s Day. Roses top the list of what to give by a long shot. We subconsciously associate this holiday with a gorgeous and rich bouquet of roses, and it is often a real let down when we don’t get the roses as a gift or buy it ourselves. Like having a special fir tree if you celebrate Christmas, or a picnic for the 4th of July, certain things are the important cultural standards, and help us create memories year after year. Having roses for Valentine’s Day is that cultural standard for me.

Getting a bouquet of roses this year is easier to do with Roses only website where a whole collection of different bouquets is offered, as well as different additional gift options including chocolates, cuddly bears or candles and a bottle of Moet & Chandon. So many ways to create a special mood for this holiday!

Roses Only are the most perfect roses that have already been de-thorned and arrive with long stems which ensures they will be at their best when they arrive. I have recently bought roses for my photography exercises in a regular grocery store, and I was unpleasantly surprised at the quality of the roses, and how quickly they died on me. Roses Only offers a completely different type of quality, and can make this holiday special.

Valentine's Day Roses will be the best gift option

Roses are such a great symbol of love. The scent of roses can be intoxicating, and there is no other flower that can substitute a rose in the intensity of color, the tenderness of petals, and the complexity of how those petals intertwine in a gorgeous flower bud.

Not just any rose, a red rose is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Each color of roses can help transmit a different mood, a different story. Red is the color of passion, truly the most romantic of all rose colors. I personally like and prefer very dark red roses to any others. Something about that color is special for me. It almost looks like red in those roses turns black to me, and there is that tone of mystery that they carry.

What is your most favorite rose color? What do you like to receive as a gift together with the roses? What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?

Try eating in instead of going out

We have tried going out to restaurants a few times. It is always a great way to de-stress, try something special on the restaurant’s menu because there are often special new dishes that chefs prepare. It is a great idea for a date on Valentine’s Day. However, we found that while the menus were exciting, they were often quite expensive as well. When you add in the cost of childcare, wine that you might want to have with your meal, the total meal cost becomes quite overwhelmingly expensive.

Try eating in instead of going out

Having a meal at home, and making a special dinner will allow to save a lot of cash, and spend it on more memorable gifts. It is much easier to afford lobster or prime rib dinner at home, home cooked to your liking, than going out to pay more for getting small portions. While we love going out every week, for me Valentine’s Day in particular is not the best time to go out. One year we ended up folding our dinner because our child care option fell through in the middle of dinner, and we actually had to rush our meal, pack it up, and go pick up our kids.

Eating a special meal at home can also be an exciting opportunity to try a more costly recipe you have always wanted to make, or try one of the meal kit services. We have been trying a few new meals lately, and they are so easy to make because all of the products come already pre-washed, pre-selected, and all it takes is just putting the ingredients together – a great way to cook together in the kitchen, and experiment with new flavors.

Help your children create Valentines for their class and friends

This has been one of our favorite activities for several years now. Most schools now allow children to create little gifts for the whole class, and share a few treats on this holiday. One option is buying pre-printed Valentines from a store to save time, and then the activity is just about filling out the cards and attaching treats to the cards, but why not make this an exciting opportunity to craft something special with your children. It is neat to be able to draw and create your own handmade cards, and find some original little gifts that are themed or that are important for your child to share with friends. While those pre-printed cards almost inevitably going to be tossed out once the celebration is over, and all the candy has been eaten, the handmade cards will most certainly be kept by friends, and cherished throughout years as a memory keepsake.

Create handmade Valentines

Don’t forget to get a special gift for your loved ones! This one day of the year we can remind our special someones and our families how much we love them!


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