Struggling with Meal Planning? Try Recipe Calendar App for Ideas and Organization!

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I have been so fortunate to have a new Coolpad Conjr phone with an Android platform installed on it, I decided to check out a few new apps to help me get organized! I have found a meal planning mobile app called Recipe Calendar that is a great option for getting inspired and better organized. The app is also available for iOS in App Store. I have communicated with the software developers, and they have actually been nice enough to sponsor this post to help me tell about their app, as well as are sponsoring a giveaway that you can find at the bottom of the post!

Be sure to check out the giveaway as you will be able to potentially win one of their yearly subscriptions for a full version of the app to help you get organized with your recipes!

I have tried this mobile meal planning app called Recipe Calendar, and I have to say that I love it – it is such a great resource for meal planning – and I will tell you all that I have learned about this app – be sure to read along!

First of all, I am always noticing that families struggle with coming up with ideas on what to make. In my family we are often doing impulse purchases in stores of items that we did not plan to buy, and that we should probably not be eating, but we do anyway as this is how we are – we come to a store unprepared, having no idea of what we want to get.

Another problem that we often have is that we tend to cook the same foods, week after week. While these dishes are very delicious, and we love them, we end up never actually trying to make anything different. There are so many recipes that we want to try, but because we are not prepared when we go to a store, we have not made a proper list, we never actually get to make those new recipes not knowing what the ingredients are, not having made a list.

The only few times that we do make lists are when we come up with certain dishes on holidays or celebrations that we want to make, and that we then go ahead and make to make sure we go ahead with our plans without forgetting anything.

So I think that having a plan made of dishes that you would want to prepare, having an organized list every week, and every day of what you are actually going to cook can help you stay away from impulse purchasing, as well as let you try making new dishes.

Another important advantage of making lists is trying to stay within your budget. I have been struggling for months now trying to keep my purchases of food to a reasonable minimum, but because we are often unprepared when we go shopping, we have no idea of what deals are going on, and are not taking the full advantage of the deals going on in stores for local and discounted produce, and we end up overbuying and overpaying.

Right now I am trying to lose some weight, and I want to be able to use the right recipes, utilize portion control, and try to plan meals for my whole family to enjoy – I will have to cook several different options for the kids, and the husband, using tried and true weight loss recipes, our own favorites, and some new recipes that can help me stay organized and plan better.

You can find a variety of printables available online where you can get a blank form that you can fill out with what you would like to cook, take that with you to a store, and also don’t forget to make a separate list of what you are actually going to buy. Here is one printable that Stephanie O’Dea made just to show what I mean.

meal planner printable

These printables are easy to use, but you do need to be organized enough to remember to make both these lists, and take them with you to the store. I love printables myself, but I would sometimes prefer having something that I will not forget, and that I can keep in my phone, as I always take it with me to the store.

I started to work on paper to jot down some ideas what I wanted to make this week, and then went on to plan out my meal schedule and purchasing list on my phone using this new app I found.

Recipe Calendar meal planner app

Recipe Calendar meal planner app

Recipe Calendar meal planner app

I am going to try to rely on this new app now for my meal planning. This app is called Recipe Calendar, and it is available on Android platform.

This app has a lot to like – it has so many cool recipe plans already pre-populated. You can choose from the existing plans covering Paleo, Vegetarian, Weight Loss, Low Carb, budget friendly, traditional American menu, Mediterranean cuisine dishes and many other plans.

I made my own plan using one of the pre-filled plans available.

Recipe Calendar app

This app allows to add dishes based on recipes in the chosen meal plan, your own recipes, or even fruits. You can easily add a pear to your lunch in this app.

Pear screenshot in Recipe Calendar

The great advantage of this app is all the information available for the pre-filled meal plans and recipes, as well as the foods available – good to know the caloric content of a pear I am planning to have!

It is convenient to be able to have every dish already pre-sorted. Breakfast meals and dishes include those dishes that we would typically have for breakfast, and dinner options consist of the dishes that we are typically eating for dinner. The meals available include not just the three main meals, but also a brunch, an afternoon snack, and a late dinner.

Here is my screenshot showing what I have started my menu with:

Menu from Recipe Calendar

The window with the meal plan has a special orange button containing a shopping cart. This is great as when you press the button, it leads you to a shopping list where you can mark down the day when you need the product and when you are planning to shop, and exactly what you need. You can fill out a grocery shopping list stating what you need and how much of it, and then when you have purchased the product in the list, you can tap it, and it gets automatically crossed out. The shopping list does not have any categorization by store department but this is quite an advanced function that I don’t normally have in my hand-written lists either.

Once the shopping is done and you have everything you need, you can start cooking! Here is a screenshot with a recipe. It has the ingredients, the steps to prepare the recipe, and a timer. The timer and the nutrition facts which are super helpful, and useful, are available in the Pro-version which I was provided by the developers with.

recipe screenshot

You can modify the number of servings, and it immediately changes the proportions of the recipe to reflect the total dish portion sizing.

If you have a set of favorite recipes you would like to add to the menu, you can add them and save them in your favorite recipes section. All your favorite plans picked and filled out are also saved in the app.

Of course, there are lots of other apps available on the smartphone that can also be used for recipe planning. Here is a small list that I have made of other apps out there that can also be used for recipe planning.

  1. Food Planner

Food planner app

This app does not have visible recipes at all. You have to import your recipe collections to use in the app. It seems like there are some recipe collections and meal plans provided by the developers but they all cost money to use them. You can input your own recipes but you wouldn’t be able to make a shopping list at the same time.

  1. Plan Meals

Plan Meals

This app is no different from a simple paper printable as you just fill out your text in the spaces for each corresponding meal. This app is way too simplistic for a smartphone app – there are no options for recipes or shopping lists, just a way to save your meal plans in one spot. It doesn’t really have enough functions in it to make me use it.

  1. Eat This Much

Eat this much

This app looks cool, but requires registration and asks a lot of questions at the beginning to figure out the allotment of calories per day. The app is built for people wishing to watch their caloric intake closely, and there are different diet-based plans available, as well as features that can help modify and avoid recipes due to allergies and intolerances. I like that the app can offer options for breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I can choose from, but the meals are all auto-generated, and then it looks quite complicated if you want to input your own recipe – too many fields to fill out. If you want to use their shopping list, you have to pay, so as there is no free option for that, I don’t think this app will be able to do what I need.

Overall, I think that after trying all of these apps, Recipe Calendar is the best app I have found, the easiest to use, and has all of the options that I need to help me plan my meals! I would love you to try out and install this app as well – it is free to use, and can help you stay more organized with your meals and shopping planning.

Update: I am so happy that now Recipe Calendar is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and to find it you need to simply search for Recipe Calendar. Check out their website –

Right now this app is available in App Store and in Google Play – isn’t that amazing! Finally, I can search for my recipes using my iPhone, or any iPhone of my family members.

To install the app just search for Recipe Calendar in App Store or Google Play.Get it on Google Play

You can also download the app using this link:

You can use this app in its free version, but an even better idea would be getting a premium version that is now under $6!

I hope you are interested in this app! It can save you so much time, and you will not be lost when shopping if you pre-plan your store visit, and your meal schedule for the next few days or a week! It is a free app, and if you use it, you will never be stuck having left your printable schedule at home – everyone carries their phone with them!

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Recipe Calendar is a new app that helps you design your daily meal schedule, choose meal plans from the app, add recipes, and also create shopping lists with groceries you need. This app helps to decide what to cook if you are following a special diet, want to plan your meals ahead, are trying to save money, and avoid impulse purchases. Most features in the app are available in the free version – you can download Recipe Calendar for your Android here – or by searching for Recipe Calendar on your iOS or Android device – available now for your iPhone as well!

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By participating in this giveaway your email address will be shared with the sponsor of this giveaway, Recipe Calendar, in accordance with their privacy policy.

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This is a sponsored post – samples were provided to Box Roundup blog for a review.

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