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What is your perfect Christmas Holiday? My vision of Christmas and winter holidays and celebrations is always the one of comfort and warm feelings. It is truly a family celebration where you gather around the table for festivities with your family, and have a few days off full of sledding, visiting Santa Claus village, building snowmen, and then warming up at the fireplace drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

A Vision of A Perfect Christmas Holiday, Have it With Hot Chocolate

Somehow in my mind hot chocolate has this air of comfort about it, and I don’t quite know how to explain it. I like other hot drinks as well, but this particular one specifically always gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling when I drink it, reminding me of my childhood.

Somehow this particular drink has a lot of significance for me, and I don’t know why that is exactly. I just know that whenever I have ever been homesick, away from home, and looking for comfort, I have always turned to hot chocolate to give me that missing feeling. It was like that when I lived with my father away from the rest of the family and would make hot chocolate for myself to feel closer to home. I also felt the same way when I ended up as an exchange student all alone in a new country with no family members around me, and I remember ordering hot chocolate to give me the assurance that I was lacking that I was going to be fine.

A Vision of A Perfect Christmas Holiday, Have it With Hot Chocolate

I think this is an important memory for children, drinking hot chocolate that the parents have made. Somehow it creates that bond and feeling of home for children that they can carry throughout their lives. Even when they are far away from their home, and are feeling lonely, hot chocolate can magically transport them back to the comfort of their childhood and give them that hope that everything is going to be ok.

My grandmother used to make hot chocolate for me when I was growing up, and then I continued the tradition of first making it just for myself, and now making it for my own children. Children often come home cold and tired after a busy school day, and what is a better mid day pick me up than a delicious homemade dessert and a cup of steaming hot chocolate?

A Vision of A Perfect Christmas Holiday, Have it With Hot Chocolate

My family got to try out a few delicious flavors of Stephen’s Gourmet signature cocoa drinks that will bring holidays to you every time you have a cup of Stephen’s hot chocolate. We tried Candycane Cocoa, Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa, and Milk Chocolate Cocoa. To see all of their delicious and unique flavors visit:

Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa will be sure to make your holiday season memorable! These cocoa cans look beautiful, the cocoa tastes incredible, so Stephen’s Cocoa makes a perfect gift for your neighbor, office mate, or teacher. It is also a perfect drink to serve during a holiday party, after sledding, or any other winter snow activity to warm up after.

I can certify Stephen’s cocoa can make any holiday recipe more delicious. I have made a few pastries, some old recipes that I almost forgot how to make and needed a refresher, and some new ones that I either have never had before and wanted to try making or have had before but have never made myself. Stephen’s cocoa was perfect to have with all of the desserts, and we had an excellent rehearsal of what sweet treats we can make for Santa this season.

I have made a meringue recipe, and managed to make them teeny-tiny to serve on top of my hot chocolate. I have also made some blueberry cornmeal cupcakes, and decorated them with candy cane pretzels and sparkly beads to make them more festive. Finally, I have made a ricotta cheese filled pastry that my mother used to make for us called “bananas”. This is a magical recipe that is shaped like bananas, and my husband says also tastes like it has bananas, but it actually has no bananas in them. I have served the pastries with a few milk chocolate treats that I had in the house to go with the Milk Chocolate cocoa drink I have made.

A Vision of A Perfect Christmas Holiday, Have it With Hot Chocolate

I hope you get to try these hot chocolate drinks from Stephens for your perfect Christmas Holiday celebration!

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