Why You Should Buy Flowers for Yourself …Just Because!

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Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves flowers, and not just for special occasions! After all, we are all familiar with the warm, and fuzzy feeling we feel whenever there is a flower in the room or whenever we glance at one. It genuinely puts a smile on our face and creates an expanding balloon of happiness in our soul.

garden rose

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Scientists have proven that receiving flowers make us feel appreciated, even when we give it to ourselves. Regrettably, many people tend to forget that the one people that they should appreciate most are themselves. Justin Bieber couldn’t be more right every time he says, “Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself.”

Feeling loved and appreciated can lead to many wonderful things. It can boost your self-esteem and confidence, reduce anxiety, and even improve the immune system. In life, it is the small things that count most. A little bit of smile every day may just be what brings you long-term happiness. Besides, with depression anointed as the leading cause of disability in the United States for people aged 15 and above, we certainly need a reason to smile more!

Don’t wait for your significant other no more. Express your love for yourself with a bloom. Roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, or daisies—pick a petal! Here are all the perfectly valid reasons why you should buy yourself flowers right now.

Because Life is Hard

Everyone has their own cross to bear, or so they say. As the wheel of life keeps spinning, a person will undoubtedly face hardships more than a few times in their lifetime. But even so, there is no reason why you shouldn’t handle that with positivity! Looking at a jar filled with delicate flowers in the morning may just be the motivation you need to face the day ahead. Wake up like this:

roses are red

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Because You Just Achieved Something

A job well-done present from yourself, for yourself, by yourself? Why not? It’s very important that you acknowledge your own achievements and not wait around for others to congratulate you.

Additionally, you don’t need to wait until something big happens to celebrate. Have you just completed a small but important step to fulfilling a much bigger goal at work? Go and buy yourself a congratulatory flower arrangement on the way home!

Because They Brighten Your Living Space

Research conducted by Rutgers has scientifically proven that the presence of flowers can trigger happy emotions and increase the sense of satisfaction in life. After all, wouldn’t you rather live in a house with flowers on the windowsills than one that looks like a Plain Jane? It may seem like a trivial thing, but decoration may just be the one thing that distinguishes a house and a home. There are plenty of other ways to decorate with flowers too, like this guide on pressing flowers by Roses Only.

Because You Want Them

Okay, why should you deny the pleasure of having something pretty? If you look at a picture of a flower arrangement and think they are beautiful, why not get it? Studies in the psychology field say that under-indulgence, or the habit of foregoing what gives us pleasure in life, can ultimately cause us to develop an inability to experience joy. Let’s not let that happen, people!

Because You Deserve Something Nice

Nowadays, people do so much work yet they still think they do too little. On the days you don’t think you have done something particularly wonderful, you still deserve to be appreciated. You still deserve to be given something nice. Because after all, you have endured so much, haven’t you? That in itself is already a major achievement.

Because Flowers Will Up Your Instagram Game

 white tulips

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Sometimes self-esteem is obtained from outside sources, too, such as social media. Emily Henderson, a stylist and the New York Times Best-Selling Author, says that blooms will always get you more likes no matter how they are arranged. The trick, she says, is to snap from above with a white background to bring out the colors of the petals.

Because You Are Having People Over

What is a dinner party without flower decorations? Just normal dinner, that’s what it is. Even a small arrangement put down at the middle of the table can make your guests delighted and think what a good host you are. According to food psychology, there are important details that can alter taste perception. For example, looking at flower decorations while you eat can improve the taste of food.

Because You Are Feeling Blue

Whether it is caused by Monday blues or sadness that comes around once in a blue moon, buying yourself flowers can improve your mood. Though it cannot resolve the issue you’re having, the beauty of the blooms will remind you that there is still beauty in this world and there are many things that can be appreciated in life.

Because You Love the Smell

Believe it or not, a $5 flowers can be more fragrant than a $30 scented candle. Moreover, flowers exude a natural perfume rather than an artificial one. This is good news especially if you are prone to react to smell or have any allergies. According to some studies, smelling flower scents before sleeping can result in a more positive dream.

Because It Goes with Your Personal Style

Floral headpieces are so in right now, and not just during Coachella. Why don’t you wear them on dates? Research at Chicago University suggests that people are more attracted to a potential lover who has a pleasant aroma compared to one with no discernible smell.

The reality is you don’t really need any reason to buy flowers for yourself. The only thing that matters is that flowers are pretty and they smell nice and they make you feel happy and more positive about yourself. Get yourself some flowers now because, at the end of the day, you are the only person responsible for your own happiness. Successful people don’t wait for things to move—they are the one who moves things!


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  1. Twice a month I buy ME a small bunch of flowers. Then I divide them up in to a bunch of little vases and place them all over the house Makes me happy

  2. I love this post, i agree that we should buy flowers for ourselves. I buy myself flowers once in a while but i will buy house plants often. I do love fresh cut flowers, it just makes me happier instantly!

  3. My mother always buys flowers for herself. She loves having them around as they lift her spirits and make her surroundings more beautiful.