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Today I have been thinking about time – it really does go by so fast, doesn’t it! Time doesn’t wait for us, but all we have got are memories often, and they bring back the events of days that passed. I still remember a guy who used to walk by our house every so often offering to have our knives sharpened. Even now I sometimes find little trucks or huts that provide a knife sharpening service. Still, things have changed so much that now we can have a knife sharpener right in our home for regular use, whenever we need it. This week I have received a LiveSharp Premium straight and ceramic knife sharpener and I am glad to review it, and recommend getting it if you are looking for a reliable knife sharpener.

Gone are the days when you would need to engage a kitchen knife sharpening service to help you out with your knife sharpening needs. Now professional knife sharpening equipment is definitely within your reach to be able to afford, and it would really be strange, honestly, to have to bring your knives to an outside service for sharpening when you can do this all by yourself.

There is honestly a multitude of various knife sharpeners available now in the market, and while a cheap knife sharpener is obviously always one good way to go about getting a knife sharpener, you might want to find what works best for you, and what your sharpening needs are exactly. For me, I am a bit scared of having an electric knife sharpener, and I have had a cheap knife sharpener before as well, either of those would not be my first choice.

LiveSharp Premium straight and ceramic knife sharpener

LiveSharp Premium Straight and Ceramic Knife Sharpener Review

I like this LiveSharp Premium straight and ceramic knife sharpener for many reasons, but I can see that this would probably be the best pro knife sharpener system out there, I can’t think of any other knife sharpener that would be even close to this system in terms of the functions available for use, versatility, and quality.

This knife sharpening system by LiveSharp includes 3 separate slots, one slot is a ceramic knife sharpener, then there is a slot for rough sharpening, and one for fine sharpening. I am not quite sure what the material is that is used on sharpeners in each slot, but it appears that there is a diamond sharpener, a tungsten steel knife sharpener slot, and a ceramic sharpener as well. In total, there are 3 slots that can essentially be used in place of three separate sharpeners so most of your sharpening needs will be met with this knife system.

How to Sharpen a Knife

Well, it depends on what tool you have. Some people get a knife sharpening whetstone, and I just can’t imagine getting something like that because of its weight. You would probably also need to worry about getting just the right angle to sharpen your blade. I think knife stone sharpening can be quite daunting.

I have heard about all kinds of types of knife sharpeners – there are knife sharpening wheels, countertop knife sharpeners, long rods that have diamond knife sharpener surface. The opportunities are endless. I still think that the best option is getting more functions in one tool, other than having all of these tools in the kitchen – there is only so much space there, you don’t want to overbuy there.

With this sharpener, how to sharpen a knife question has a very simple answer – simple slid a knife in the slot that you need, and and slide the knife through the slot carefully, then repeat until your blade gets sharp enough.

The beauty of this LiveSharp Premium Straight and Ceramic Knife Sharpener is that this knife sharpener can help with ceramic knife sharpening as well, which is not that common to find.

Of course, if you are still not convinced, you can always make your own DIY knife sharpener. Like this one

Or this one

However, if you are ready to just simply get the best pro knife sharpener instead of ordering old-fashioned knife sharpening services, grab a LiveSharp Premium straight and ceramic knife sharpener for yourself, and this will be one of those important and daily needed purchases that you may have forgotten to include in your wedding gift registry list, but that you really ended up needing anyway.

LiveSharp Premium Straight and Ceramic Knife Sharpener Review

You will be able to find this knife sharpener on Amazon right here –

What is the best way to sharpen kitchen knives at home? Be prepared for any knife, by getting a 3 in 1 solution from LiveSharp. This way you will be able to avoid having to run to local knife sharpening enterprises, and have everything in your own home to fix your blunt knife blade. Do you wonder how to sharpen a dull outdoor knife? You can do this on a coarse setting of this knife sharpener.

Let us know in the comments if you have your favorite knife sharpener, or if you are usually going to a local business. If you own a sharpener, what model do you have, are you happy with it? 

One drawback of this particular sharpener that I can think of is that it is not a serrated knife sharpener. It specifically is not used for sharpening those knives. That must be noted and taken into account if that is the type of a sharpener that you are looking for, but honestly in my whole life I haven’t had a need to sharpen one of those, and serrated knives don’t get dull that often anyway.

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