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One of the regular concerns that I notice when I think about getting candles at home is how many candles I need, how can I have the whole room scented the same way, how much money I need to spend to have the same effect, and keep the same atmosphere around the whole house, not just in one corner. Getting a 24 pack of Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles at would definitely help with all of those needs. Instead of paying an exorbitant amount of money to get that same scent and effect for your holiday ambiance with expensive huge candles, you are much better off buying a whole set of 24 candles that will have a wonderful scent, can be used in multiple spots around the house creating that same holiday spirit effect everywhere, not getting odor clashes, or making everyone sneeze from soapy scents, just really getting that incredible home decor feel that you only see in magazines, getting the whole set for essentially the price of one candle you would normally have to buy in a store.

I cannot believe the precious price tags on most candles! Sometimes I would buy 1 candle, pay over $10 for it, just to see it burn down in 1-2 days. This is a sure way to literally burn your money. All you get after burning a candle like that is disappointment.

I always drool over those stunning home decor sets and pictures on Instagram and magazines, don’t you? Well, one way to be able to create that same ambiance is to have a theme in all of your decor ideas. If you tend to buy a whole bag of candles of different scents and colors when they are on sale, you can create an eclectic decor scene, where scents will never be able to work with each other. Your guests will be confused, some will start getting allergies and sneezing, others will just be overwhelmed – candles are a beautiful and easy accent to add to any decor set, however, you can only succeed if scents work well with each other, and compliment each other. If you are a regular candle hoarder like me, you have probably accumulated a bunch of barely used candles that are just sitting there in your drawers and cupboards waiting for their day of light. I certainly speak from an experience – having a collection of great expensive candles is awesome, but you can only use a few at the same time in one room or space before getting a headache or turning all of your guests away to go to their own homes – working out what scents will do when they are in a clash is not necessarily an easy task, and while you may be a connoisseur of each pleasant scent, it is not so simple to know how candle scents combine and work together to create comfortable atmosphere for everybody.

Here is a space design tip – you are always going to succeed and be better off if you can create a comfortable atmosphere where scents work together. An easy way to achieve this – get a set of same exact candles, and votives of the same scent sold in a set are a perfect choice for this. That way you will be able to have the same theme, both in scent, color and candle shape and design going throughout your area that you are decorating, and it can help add that same theme effect that looks so perfect on interior decor and design pages we all love to look at. This is a simple tip that we often overlook when we are decorating our rooms for holidays or parties.

Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles - Quick Way to Scent Your Space

I loved getting a set of 24 Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles as the scent is just so special and fragrant. This set is scented with fresh sweet red currants grown in the wild. There is nothing that can make a room more comfortable that the ambiance of a field, or farm grown bowl of freshly picked berries. The scent is sweet and definitely reminds of deep red currant berries harvested at their perfection. 

Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles - Quick Way to Scent Your Space

How else to use Votive Candles?

If you are looking for a great way to add that pop of scent for the holidays, add decorative items that can seamlessly blend with any theme, and can make your accessories and decor pieces stand out without taking over the whole scene, you have to check the sets of candles on Amazon available from Enlightened Ambience.

On a recent trip to a nearby vacation spot I was able to pick up a cool and cute votive candle holder that I am going to use with these scented votive candles for my decor ideas. I think that it will be a nice idea to use different votive candle holders to showcase the beauty of different design elements.

Another great idea that you can use these votive candles red currant scented would be making personalized gifts for your friends and family. When you are making gifts like that, it is always easier to buy votive candles bulk to be able to then use personalized votive candle holders with the candles, or gift your friends with Christmas votive candle holders.

One of the ideas to make gifts with red currant votive candles would be getting glass votive candle holders bulk, and then making personalized pretty labels for each glass jar – this is such a simple and fast gift, honestly your friends will be both impressed and gratified immensely to receive such a sweet and thoughtful handmade gift! This way you can keep the costs down, and could easily create dozens of these gifts in a matter of an hour, and be done with your gifting if you are overworked, and are trying to create gifts on a budget.

Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles

Votive candles could be a great addition to any gift bag you are creating. I have actually received a votive candle at a conference before, and it was given out just in a glass votive candle jar holder with a metal lid, and a little tag with the company name that was providing this gift was attached with a little straw-like rope – and that was it. I think that Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles can be easily used as votive candles wedding gifts – such a great addition to the gift bag for guests, and so affordable you can spend more money on other needs for the wedding!

Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles - Quick Way to Scent Your Space

The beauty of using Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles? They are long-burning candles, and will continue burning for 10-12 hours! Isn’t that perfect for your party? The clean-up will be a cinch! You won’t have to end up with a bunch of half burned candles that will no longer be appropriate for a new party or holiday decoration. So, with these candles, you can simply clean them up at the end of the occasion, or, if you are like me, you can reuse the wax for other project, or make new candles out of it if you are a candle crafter. 

Enlightened Ambience Red Currant Ivory Highly Scented Votive Candles - Quick Way to Scent Your Space

Are you a crafter and looking for DIY votive candle holder ideas? Check these out, and let us know in the comments what you are planning to make, or which one of these ideas you like best!


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